Your Guide to Move to France

March 20, 2016

removlsFrance is essentially a country that many people select for relocation as it offers significant cultural activities in art, education, history and cuisine. It is home to a number of expats who choose to live their permanently. It has oldest history attached with it with one the most beautiful historical sites. This is the reason it is one of the most visited and renowned tourist destinations. If you are enthused with French culture, history, lifestyle and cuisine and are thinking to relocate to France, here are few guidelines for you:


France as permanent destination

Many people choose France as their permanent destination. It is a beautiful country and rich in art and culture. Over 15% of the people living currently in France are aged above 65 and this is clear indicator of country’s popularity among retired people. It’s popular because of its retirement benefits for national taxpayers, its beauty and peace.


Relocating to France as student

If you are not born in France or other European country and want to relocate to France, you need to select a university and a programme you want to enrol in. After you complete master’s programme with French university, you will earn a temporary residency which will be valid for next twelve months. If you manage to capture a job which is related to your academic field, you can apply for change of status.


Accommodation and cost of living

France is comparatively an expensive country and one of the major key challenges while moving to France is to identify and decide where you will live permanently. One of the options is to find a friend who is already residing there and share expenses. However this might not work out for you. Another option available in France is to book extended stay hotels which are mandated for longer stays and generally offer attractive monthly and weekly rates. This may also cost you more, specially, if you are funding your studies yourself. Along with this, accommodation options for students in France include finding apartments and townhouses available for rent. The rentals will vary according to the type of apartment and will cost lower than an extended hotel. Secondly, you always have an option to keep another tenant and share expenses. Also there are student housing programmes offered by various universities and social housing programmes offered by different entities in France.


Language and working style

The language is the most important tool to get engaged with people around. In France, French is the only language which is widely spoken and understood by everyone. Before moving to France, it is essential to learn French. If not completely, you should at least learn to an extent of survival. French people are people who love their origin and culture. They speak French and follow their norms strictly. They generally don’t easily engage with people of other origins.  So, before you finally decide to move to France, make your personality flexible and adaptable so that you can adjust in a totally new environment.

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