Why Should You Settle In Toulouse

April 30, 2015


Toulouse is the capital city of Midi-Pyrenees region and south-western France, and is known as ‘La Ville Rose’ that means the pink city, as a result of the pink effect caused by light pink and dusky bricks used in its various buildings. The city has a population of 449,000 people and with an increasing number of newcomers who are choosing to settle here the numbers are bound to increase. It is said to be France’s fourth biggest metropolis and is acclaimed for having one of the largest universities next to Paris. Although this vibrant and beautiful city is usually overlooked by many but it proves to be one of the top cities of France for expats. Due to its fascinating cultural scene, private mansions and magnificent location next to River Garonne and Canal du Midi, Toulouse has a lot to offer its inhabitants. Toulouse is also home to Europe’s main airbus factory and has also played an important role in France’s aerospace industry.  In fact the space, aeronautics and electronics industry in Toulouse attracts a large number of new residents.

Toulouse is acclaimed for its Mediterranean atmosphere. The architecture of the city is more in line with an Italian city, while you will find that the locals have moods similar to Spanish. This magical city offers a taste of diverse cultures. Furthermore, there is no other city in France that is growing as fast as Toulouse. This city usually attracts Parisians who want to take a break from the stress and fast paced life of the capital and want to live in a city that offers fun and prosperity at the same time.

If someone would say that Toulouse is a dull and sleepy city then that would be a misinterpretation as this city offers all those attractions to its inhabitants that Paris does. Due to the success of European Airbus project that is centred in Toulouse the city has greatly flourished. One of the most important attractions of the city is Cite de l’Espace. Here adults and children can take a tour of the Mir Space station where astronauts used to be trained during the time of Soviet Union. The next important attraction of Toulouse where you will find a lot of activities going on is the Place du Capitole and Capitole. These places are beautiful and there are a number of streets around the place where you can go for a nice stroll and view picturesque sites.

You will also find a number of restaurants and cafes in Toulouse that offer exquisite and scrumptious French cuisine made from the finest ingredients. Toulouse is also famous for the Victor Hugo market where you can buy the most fresh delicious vegetables, fruits and fish for preparing delicious meals.

In Toulouse you can experience the warmth of sunshine almost all year round. The climate of the city is mild which makes its inhabitants to enjoy and spent leisure time outdoors throughout the year. Another reason why people would prefer living in Toulouse is because of its quality university education. Toulouse is the country’s second largest University City that has more than 120,000 students thus making Toulouse an extremely youthful and vibrant city.


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