Top Things to Know Before Arrival in France

March 31, 2016

Everyone is generally very excited for exploring new avenues of learning, however, before you board to a new place you must ascertain few foremost things to avoid terrible circumstances. This exercise will of course consume your valuable moments before heading for a new journey but it will make your experience adventurous and valuable.

Regulatory Requirements

Fulfilling regulatory requirements is the most important thing to pursue before moving to a new place. Ensuring all your legal and regulatory procedure are in place will not only make your overall travel experience smooth but it will also save you from many legal consequences. Before you head to an airport, you must ascertain that all your visa and travel requirements are fulfilled. If you are travelling to study, you should confirm and obtain documentary evidences of admission from respective university. Secondly, make sure that you have all the documents required to be presented on airports in case of any investigation.

Accommodation and transportation

Before heading towards a new journey, think and determine a place where you will go and reside while you stay in France. If it is a friend’s place, make sure he is acknowledged of your arrival to France and he is ready to accommodate you. If you have planned to use university hostel services, make sure that you have booked the room and have paid relevant fees. Secondly you are going to a totally new destination and you are not familiar with roads and infrastructure. Figure out how you will travel from airport to your final destination. It is better to investigate about the best and most economical options to get around beforehand.

Financial Resources

France is not a very economical country to live. It is an expensive country with high costs of living. Additionally there will be added expenses in your initial settlement period in France and it might take few days or even a month to capture a new job. Hence, look around your bank accounts and make sure you have enough money and resources to survive in your initial days in France. If you don’t have enough money, look around for other sources and arrange adequate resources before your departure.

Working in France

If you have decided to work while studying in France, it is appropriate to start applying for a new job before going. This will save your time and resources and you will be less stressed in your initial days in a totally new country. If you have found a sponsor for your studies in France, make sure he has paid your initial college fees and dues.


Language is major barrier in most of the European countries. French, in particular, are the people who are most concerned about their origin and culture. Therefore, French is an irrevocable part of their culture and legacy. It is commonly spoken and widely understood language in this region. It is equally important for you to learn French before you move to France so that you can easily converse and socialise with people around you.

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