Top Five Fun Facts about France

April 4, 2016

Every country has its long and rich history due to which it came into existence, a culture which is its identity and some interesting facts which it is known for. France has been a centre of culture, art and education for years and it has been a favourite subject of number of historians across the world. France has also been a centre of education and its universities are ranked as best universities across Europe. Also, it is one of the most loved tourist destinations around the world with 82 million people visiting France annually to see memorable artefacts, historic buildings, museums and its night life. Here are some of the fun facts about this country:


Cheese lovers

There are always few traditional foods for which societies are known for and food is sometimes a part of culture. French people have been known for their cheese for centuries. Every region of France has its own particular cheese and all traditional foods have a proportionate content of this dairy product. You should get amazed by noticing that there are “400” types of cheese made and consumed in the country.


Exceptional laws

Every country has its own Laws and governing systems. French legal system is considered as one of the strongest and toughest systems in the world. The law is practiced on justified rationales across the country. However it has some exceptional things as well. In France, it is legally allowed to marry a virtually “dead” person.


The National Flag

A person is known for his identity and so does a country. Apart from historic and cultural backgrounds, countries are known and remembered by their national flags. Each country has a history and philosophy associated with its national flag which reflects its culture, values and religious courtesies. However, France was the only country where the flag of the kingdom was “plain white” from 1814 to 1830.


Sleeping hours

It is important for every individual to take a perfect 8 hours sleep in 24-hour day to work proactively. It is equally important to sleep peacefully in order to perform best in all fields of life. Developed nations are known for their work efficiencies, their seriousness towards work and time saving techniques due to which they perform well and compete with tough challenges of modern world. However it also pertinent to note that average person in France sleeps 8.83 hours per day which is the most in developed world.


Courtesy makes things cheap in France

Across the world, French people are known for strict attitude. They are least courteous and don’t like to talk and engage with people outside their circle. However, there are few corners who have worked out a way to rationalise this behaviour. It is interesting to notice that there is a coffee shop in France where not saying “Hello” and “Please” makes your coffee expensive. And hence everybody has to greet and say hello and needs to be courteous to make their coffees’ prices reasonable.

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