Popular Places to Move To In France

December 4, 2013

Popular Places to Move To In France


France is well known for its cultural riches, historical cities, stunning landscapes, and plenty of eye-catching beaches. One popular destination among British expats is France. France could be an ideal destination, though the country is not culturally similar to the UK. Here are the most popular places to move to in France.




Paris is a famous city offering an almost incomparable variety of architecture, culture, and gastronomy. Paris is home to the head offices of a few major international organizations in the world. With the world’s most important business centers, Paris generates more than 25% of GDP. You will find huge employment opportunities. If you are finding a good place for leisure options, then this is the right place. The climate is pleasant. Paris can be an ideal choice, when moving to France for any occasions, no matter you move is for professional or business purposes. Enjoy the lifestyle in one culturally varied city.


South Eastern France


With a highly popular tourist destination, South Eastern France can offer you a calm outdoors lifestyle. It is located between the Alps to the north and the border of Italy to the east. In France, it is the third most significant economic region. South East France best suits you when looking for a place near the Mediterranean so you can have employment opportunities with a more relaxed lifestyle.




Brittany is situated between the Bay of Biscay to the south and the English Channel to the north. The economy is based on agriculture and tourism, but some of the sectors growing fast are the technology, telecommunications, as well as ecommerce.




Corsica could be your best choice when wishing to stay in an island enclosed by a number of the most eye-catching coastal and mountain outlook in Europe. Corsica can help make your lifestyle change from your daily routine in the UK. Corsica is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, southeast of France and west of Italy. Corsica does not have a very strong economy. The economy is based on agriculture and tourism. You have still chances to make money when living there. The environment is great. The place best suits for those looking for an amazing place to spend their leisure time.


Although there are so many popular places to move to in France, you can move any of the above places according to your choice. Consult a professional before you move. After making your decision to move, you should hire the best removal company that will help you move successfully Compass Moving Services are youfirst choice company to France

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