Here’s How You Should Prepare For Your Move To France

December 23, 2014

Moving to France? 

Moving to another country can be quite challenging to say the least. It doesn’t matter what your reasons for moving to France are, each and every one who will embark on this experience have similar questions, fears and worries. Major changes in life are daunting even for the most prepared individuals. This article will help you prepare yourself better before you make the big leap.

Research, research, research.

This is probably the most clichéd advice out there but if you are moving to an unfamiliar territory, it is only right to know everything you can about the place before travelling. The research should start as soon as you have decided to make the move. You should familiarise yourself with the basics of French history, culture, food and politics. This may be a lot to take in, so you can ease yourself into it gradually and pick the areas which you feel are most relevant for your case. It would also be helpful to take beginner classes in French language in order to be able to communicate with the locals better. If you are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information found on the internet, you can simply pick up books from your local bookstore. It would also be valuable if you can find any friend or family members who have lived in France before. Ask them about the different localities, where to find the best food, the cheapest or freshest groceries and other things only locals can explain best.

Create a network.

If you’re a frequent traveller, chances are, you have already established networks and different social circles from the countries you have been to or lived at. However, if it’s your first time travelling or moving to a new country to settle, you might want to start looking up people you know who are in France. You can start from your friends, relatives and people they may know. Establish contact with the person and get them to introduce you to their own networks and build up your own from that. It is a great way of gaining relevant information and it might even open opportunities for you in the future. Most of the times, expats have their own circles and revolve around the same tight knit pack.

Know how to make yourself adjust

French people are probably one of the most relaxed and worry free people in the world. With all that wine and chocolate how can anyone possibly live a stressed out life? But… For an expat, things can get tough in the first couple of months. Therefore, before leaving, try to find out what things can make you feel more comfortable and what are the things you can do in order to make your move smoother. Having new friends is a good start, setting a new routine schedule can also prove to be helpful, learning the language and immersing yourself in the French culture will all make adjusting easier.

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