Five Reasons Why You Should Move to France

March 14, 2016

franceFrance is among the top countries in the world and has been a preference for living due to many reasons. It is a beautiful country with many historic monuments and museums and attractive tourist destinations. Its borders are linked to most fascinating countries of the world like Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. It is known for its history, culture, legal system and economic reforms. Considering a world today where prevailing economic slowdown has disrupted world’s major economies, a layman is intensely thoughtful of which country he should select to stay and prosper. Here is a guide for you, depicting the top reasons you should choose France to relocate and prosper.


Strongest economy

Considering current economic situation of the world where commodity linked countries have plunged into bad recession, it would be wise to select a country which has diversification in government revenues as this provides hedge in case of worst situation in particular sector. Secondly, reliance on services sector, strong taxation measures, low public debt and bank’s better financial conditions are of extreme importance too.  France is one of the best destinations to stay and prosper.

Growth opportunities

With the title of Eurozone’s second largest and strongest economy, country has collectively achieved to remarkable GDP growth of 1.4% in 2015 over same period last year, compared to collective Eurozone GDP growth of 1.5%. Despite Economic slowdown navigated by financial crunch across Europe which led to financial closure of several companies, French ministers managed to restrict annual unemployment rate to 10.2%.  It is better to move to a country with better employment opportunities.

Welfare state

Although the country has capitalistic culture in terms of earnings retained with limited opportunities to save and invest, French government is highly committed towards helping its people in bad times and beyond retirement. It is pertinent to acknowledge that if a person fails to continue his job, French government will pay 240 euros per month as long as the period of unemployment for an individual persists. Hence, if you are residing legally after your post graduate programme you will have financial security.

Educational system and health care benefits

With one of the best education systems and centres of learning, France also enjoys privilege to have top universities across Europe. It has one of the best universities for international law, medicine, science, geography and linguistics. Secondly The National Health care system in France is best among all European countries. French government spends approximately 10%-12% of their annual GDP on developing healthcare systems and integration of technology for immediate medical aid. Hence, France fits best when thinking of health and medical benefits.

Standard of living

The initial cost of living in France is comparatively high. Although extreme taxation measures and language barrier are major hurdles for ex-pats, France still is better to stay and prosper in long term as compared to other European and Gulf nations. Because of its economic reliability and security, your standard of living gradually rises.


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