4 best places to live in France

April 26, 2015


France has always been considered as a perfect destination for expats due to its beautiful landscapes and artistic culture. It is a big and diverse country that offers a blend of modern and classic living. France also presents a good standard of living, educational facilities and various job opportunities for its inhabitants. Furthermore, France is also ranked on top for its beautiful climate, rich culture and low crime rate. Therefore, moving to France can prove to be a good decision if you want to live a glamorous and content life. We therefore present some of the best locations in France that you would prefer to live in.

  1. Bordeux: Bordeaux is a small and beautiful port town that comprises a population of 239,000 people that lie along the Gironde River in the Aquitaine region of southwest France. Bordeaux is known to be one of the most glamorous and wealthiest cities of France for many centuries. The city has further gained an enthralling appeal in the recent past, due to the introduction of a new tramway system and refurbishment of the historic quays. Bordeaux also has a number of entertainment spots for its locals and visitors. From cafes, restaurants and art galleries to gardens and walkways, Bordeaux is a place that can cater to the specific preferences of a diverse population. The weather in Bordeaux is usually mild and pleasant. The winters are usually wet however the summers are pleasantly warm.


  1. Normandy: Normandy is a region that is situated on the north side of France. The Norman region can rightly be ranked as one of the loveliest areas in France. Although the region has wet winter weather but if you are more of a nature lover and are searching for a peaceful region to live in, then Normandy is for you. You can take relaxing walks along the Atlantic coastline or spend a peaceful day watching the serene sea. Normandy also has areas that are rich in history and many attractions. The region is home to various seaports, rolling countryside and French Impressionist artists such as Pissaro and Monet. Normandy also has various places of entertainment such as racetracks, beach resorts and film festivals that are of the same level as the ones held in the extravagant towns of Cabourg and Deauville.


  1. Lyon: It is ranked as one of the top places to live in France. Lyon is the third largest city of France which is situated between Rhone and Saone Rivers in central France. Lyon has a lot to offer to all kinds of people such as food lovers, Francophiles and is also considered to be the central point from where you can easily travel and explore various neighbouring European countries such as Italy and Switzerland. For the locals of Lyon hiking and skiing in the mountains is a common pastime. You are also spoiled for choice for the plethora of activities present in the city as there are 120 theaters, performance studios, auditoriums and museums in Lyon. If it is dining out you prefer than this city is a dream come true for those who live for food. This is because Lyon is the culinary capital of France and boasts more than 1500 restaurants. The city also has a large variety of outdoor markets for fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and other products. The food quality of this city is excellent and prices of local produced goods are highly reasonable.



  1. Paris: Paris is the capital of France and is rightly called the city of lights. Although it is quite expensive than other cities of France but it is a city that is all about glamour and style. With its magnificent beauty, exceptional cuisine, music, dance, theater and a high standard of living Paris will offer you all the luxuries you can ask for.
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